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Product certification is a certification that products comply with the relevant technical specifications or standards of the mandatory requirements of the conformity assessment activities. Many countries or regions have carried out a mandatory or voluntary product certification. Such as China CCC certification, EU CE certification, U.S. UL, FCC, DOT, FDA certified, German GS, VDE certification, CSA certification of Canada ... the starting point of these certifications are governments to protect the personal safety of consumers to protect animal and plant life, environmental protection, protection of national security and the implementation of, through a number of important international certification for the company itself is important:
1 product testing and certification process by international standards, as evidenced by the quality and safety of our products has reached international level inevitably demands of competition in the international market to obtain the basic qualifications.
2 many international standards certification is a necessary condition to enter the international market, the international standard testing and certification of products to compete directly with international qualifications.
3 products in the domestic market position greatly enhanced the image.
4 companies to compete in the future and the development process with better prospects.

The company with a good reputation and excellent faculty to professional knowledge, professional staff, to provide customers with specialized certification agency services. The following is the company obtained the certification