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Guangzhou Panyu Electric Appliance Factory, West Germany sent West to send e International Group's production base in China is a manufacturing and technology development in a modern manufacturer. In the nineties the company assembled a group of outstanding international experts in audio engineering, the use of today's international and domestic advanced and sophisticated computing hardware and software technologies to be able to maximize the development and changes to adapt to future technological changes and business development needs. Product from design, options, four aspects of production and quality inspection rigorous ISO9001 quality control system. Fully through the "China Compulsory" 3C certification "," and "European" CE certification "," "China Quality" CQC certification "", CEOPA brand public broadcasting the 2004 "National quality and stability of credit to ensure the brand", "CCTV.2006 Public "2009" National Quality " satisfaction China Top Ten security companies to brand-name> "," 2005 2006 Most Competitive Brand "," 2008 the most competitive brand "," 2004-2008 <national product quality notary top ten brands> "2009" National Quality excellent, credit guarantee assured brand "," 2005-2010 <competitiveness of the industry's top ten brands>. " CEOPA brand public radio series and won the "Chinese famous brand" title. The company has series CEOPA Broadcasting System (CE series broadcast system, DCI digital series broadcast system, NCX network audio series of radio systems, multi-broadcasting system and digital audio series set a series of radio control type systems) are widely used in parks, squares, intelligent community, intelligent buildings, hotels, factories, schools, banks and other places, CEOPA IP network broadcasting system is proprietary radio system, which is the use of computer Ethernet (LAN / WAN) digital audio signal transmission system; perfect, stable, convenient, CD quality sound, any combination of partitions, interactive on-demand, fixed playback time, audio unlimited, two-way intercom, smart switch, network alarm; free to add a network place, arbitrary, covering all the features of the previous types of broadcasting. Size for all types of broadcast engineering, comprehensive solutions, domestic and foreign trust with customers.

In the country established a perfect after-sales service system, the company "customer first, quality-oriented, service first, extensive cooperation, forge ahead" business philosophy. The rapid development of new technology today, we will provide new and better technology products and services to users.