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Conference system, the other a heart enterprises

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See the above headline , you are not particularly surprise it? Yes, in small series , in addition to another one conference system is the heart of the enterprise system. Xiao Bian here to say to get conferencing system , including hardware and software facilities in two ways.

So far, the most " modern " Xiao Bian conference system once seen on a number of candidates in a Hong Kong company to edit . At the time, they are both Guangzhou and Hong Kong staff told me in an interview. I was very surprised that they could not order the Hong Kong General this little interview I also come from Hong Kong to edit it ?

 Indeed, they did not come from Hong Kong , but through their conference system with me face to face conversation. Unfortunately , the latter has not been employed for some reason on . Anyhow, let Xiaobian experience a return of their senior conference system.

In Grandview , we have such a conference system, and there will be meetings, had made a decision , and there is never OK , OK and there are fruit , fruit will react . Although every morning we are only a short half hour. However , our goal is very clear day, what to do, how to do , what are the weaknesses still exist , and so on . Such conferencing system allows us to progress every day .

Your company is still hovering in advance it? First check your conferencing system bar.

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